We are here to give you peace of mind every step of the way.

Security at Heart

We know your luggage are important and we pay a great deal of attention to their security. Our services are in compliance with the security regulations to give you peace of mind every step of the way.


Our technology-asisted operations ensure 100% satisfaction. However, in case of any unexpected situation (loss, damage or delay) your belongings are insured up to a certain amount.

Vetted Staff

All our staff go under meticulous background checks consisting of strict interview process, referencing to ensure that your luggage are in safe hands.

Sealed & Secured

Your luggage is sealed with temper aware locks upon collection and remain sealed until they are delivered back to you. Our vehicles also remain locked at all times and are under CCTV surveillance.

Real-Time Tracking

All our vehicles are equipped with location tracking systems. You know where your belongings are in real time.

Advanced Luggage Security

Bavulier uses tamper-aware locks made in Canada to ensure maximum luggage security for customers. Tamperlock is a tamper-evident luggage locking system that cannot be opened without leaving clear, obvious signs of tampering. Nothing can be inserted or removed from your suitcase without your knowledge.

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