How It Works

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1. Online Booking

Online booking is simple and secure. You need to provide your booking details, where and when you want us to pick up luggage, and where and when you want us to deliver them back to you. Please provide accurate contact details so that our agents are able to effectively communicate with you. Before the payment you'll be presented with you booking summary. Once you confirm your booking details you'll be directed to payment system.

2. Luggage Pickup

Our agent will meet you at the place you choose, either at the airport or at the city, to pick up your bags. Your bags will be locked and secured. All locks have unique identifier codes. You will be sure that your bags remain locked at all times. Our agents will confirm your delivery details. Once pickup is complete you will receive sms and email for confirmation and tracking link.

3. Storage & Transfer

Once your luggage is picked up, it will be delivered to or warehouse for storage. You will be able to track your luggage live on Google Maps.

4. Luggage Delivery

Our agents will transfer your bags to the delivery point you have given on booking, and they will meet you there to deliver your bags to you. You receive notification either by email or sms at every step of the way. Our agents will require you to present your passport to confirm your identity. Once it is confirmed you will be presented with your luggage. You can match the lock id you have with the lock id on your luggage. Happy Travels.

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