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Your Mobile Luggage Storage. Discover Istanbul Luggage-Free!


Bavulier is a tourism-tech company that creates services to improve millions of passengers’ travel experience. Bavulier picks up your bags at the time and place you choose and deliver them back to you whenever you want. With the help of technology, we are providing solutions to mobility problems caused by the burden of your bags. Now your luggage will be there only when you need it.

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A Service for All Your Needs

Business Trip

Make your business trip more efficient. Our concierge can meet you at arrival and take care of your luggage. You would directly go to your meetings luggage-free.

Early Check-out

Don't let your bags drag you down during your last day in the city. Our concierges can meet you at your hotel, pick up your luggage and deliver it back to you at Ataturk Airport!

Traveling with Kids

Traveling with kids can be tough. Let us take care of your luggage and strollers while you enjoy your time in the city with your children.